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Gray Shibori 20x20 Pillow Cover Geometric Grid by Gray Green Goods

Gray Shibori 20x20 Pillow Cover - Geometric Grid

$80.00 $92.00

A combination of logwood (from the heartwood of logwood trees) and iron produce the beautiful grays in this linen and cotton pillow. The front fabric is a natural color cotton canvas, hand-dyed using a Shibori Itajime fold. The back is a natural color, linen/cotton blend fabric. The neutral color combines well with other colors, and works especially well with bright accent colors.

Covers may look slightly different than the pillow in the photos.

''The pillows in my Natural Dye Collection grew out of a desire to let the intuitive, organic dyeing process influence the final product. Natural dyes produce complex colors that seem to shift with the light. Most colors require a four to five-step process. All of my naturally dyed fabrics are fixed for color fastness. After dyeing the fabric, I pair it with a natural fabric on the back and finish the cover with an invisible zipper. The Natural Dye Collection celebrates the surprise and variation inherent in the dyeing process. Each pillow is truly unique. ''

Made in: Boston, United States
Made of: Front fabric is cotton canvas, hand-dyed with logwood and iron | Back fabric is a natural color linen/cotton blend
Size: Cover fits a 20x20 ''' insert (cover is slightly smaller for a clean look)
Ships from: United States (this item is made to order and typically ships in 2-3 weeks.)

Sourced from: Gray Green Goods


Une combinaison de bois de campêche et de fer est utilisée pour teindre la fibre. Teinture naturelle. Technique de pliage japonais appelé Shibori est appliqué pour réaliser l'impression.
Chaque pièce est unique et l'impression peut être légèrement différente que sur la photo.

Fait au: Boston, États-Unis
Fait de: Coton canvas (devant) | Mélange lin-coton naturel
Dimensions: 20x20 ''
Expédition: États-Unis (2-3 semaine de production)

Artisan: Gray Green Goods

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