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Top 15 Ways to Paint a Color Block Wall

04 Aug, 2016

Top 15 Ways to Paint a Color Block Wall

It's been a while since I collect inspiration and ideas for my little 2 years old toddler room. I had a big crush for color block wall. I decided to share with you my top 15 ideas to create a nice and quite simple color block wall. Some are a little bit more work while others are easy as 1-2-3. 

Color Block Closet Doors by Servicolor

Source Servicolor

Pink Color Block Wall Bedroom by Craftifair

Source Craftifair

Color Block Headboard by Alexandra

Source Alexandra Angle

Color Block Dining Room by My Style Vita

Source My Style Vita

Color Block Office Space by Apartment Therapy

Color Block Wall by Apartment Therapy

Color Block Shelf Headboard by Apartment Therapy

Source Apartment Therapy

 Color Block Wall for Playroom by Petit and Small

Source Petit and Small

Color Block Wall Kids Room by Apartment Apothecary

Source Apartment Aphothecary

Color Block Wall Big Circle by Emily Henderson

Source Emily Henderson

Color Block Zig Zag Wall by The Boo and The Wall

Source The Boo and The Boy

Color Block Wall by Petit and Small

Source Petit and Small 

Color Block Wall Mustard Corner by La La Lovely Thing

Source LaLa Lovely Thing

Color Block Wall Monochrome Kids by My Paradissi

Source My Paradissi

Color Block Kid Room by Inside Closer

Source Inside Closet

For more ideas you can also follow me on Pinterest and read this post by Domino who gave me the idea to share my love for color block wall. 


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