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Top 5 Things Minimalist Decor Lovers Always Do

13 Jul, 2016

Top 5 Things Minimalist Decor Lovers Always Do

A few weeks ago I read an article from an emag I follow for quite a while and it fits right up my alley. They came up with the top 5 things minimalists always do. Living minimally is much easier to Pin than to do in your day to day busy life. Almost all excuses can be taken into account here to explain why our places get so overrun with clutter. But, if there’s one takeaway from the recent minimalist movement is that less is truly more.

If you wish to apply that ethos to your next deco project, please follow these 5 simple rules. Don't forget, organization is key here. See how you can live a little more minimally at home in five easy steps.


5 Things Minimalist Do - Buy Less Buy Better

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I was very happy to read this on #1 tip because it's exactly what La Fabrique Deco is all about :) There is nothing worse than clutter and unnecessary furniture. Think before buying anything new for your space and decide if you really need it. It’s always better to spend a little more on something great instead of a few smaller items that will just crowd the room. I know that one is sometime super hard to do but keep up and try to at least buy items that you truly love with timeless design. 


5 Things Minimalist Always Do - Neutral Tones

Less is the key word in minimal design. Less in terms of furniture but also colors and noise. Choose neutral tones that work together and stick to it throughout the design process. Neutral also means timeless and that is key if you don't want to paint every two years. Just add a few hint of colors here and there using accessories.




5 Things Minimalists Do - Find a balance


Of course you want to attain an interesting and warm minimal space not just an empty room. Look at each room as it relates to another and make sure everything works as one. Finding balance can be achieved in may ways such as in the size of furniture and the layout, This will make a huge difference.




5 Things Minimalists Do - Use Textures
Again simplicity is your keyword if you want to achieve better design. Keep it simple but not sterile. You want your space to be clean and feel serene yet warm and cosy. Add different textures that work off of each other. Using a soft linen bedding with a chunky blankets and a sheepskin rug creates a warm space but doesn’t overdo it.




5 Things Minimalists Do - Use Graphic Pops

If you're already using a neutral palette of white, grays, and blacks — have some fun using graphic prints with throw blankets and pillows. This will add more dimension without being too busy. 


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