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Independently Made By Art & Manufacture

07 Jul, 2016

Independently Made By Art & Manufacture

I've added a few new items lately and a lot of them are from a friend of mine, Art & Manufacture. For those who don't know Edith, the ceramist/artist behind the brand well read a bit further down and you will discover her world and her stunning pieces. 

 Art & Manufacture Handmade Ceramic Pieces

Cups and more here

A little more on where it all came from...

When she was little, she was dreaming of becoming Indiana Jones and not the classic prima ballerina or princess like many of her friends. ''I’ve always been attracted to adventure, freedom, treasure hunts and old stories,” says Edith. ''I think the rustic look that comes into play in my work comes from my passion for history.'' She studied at university and got her degree but she followed her heart and started pottery a few years ago. Edith creates these natural and pure pottery pieces with cream and cobalt blue colors. This is what she says about her creative process:

"I transform everyday objects, giving them a new use while keeping their original modern industrial look. By decorating my pieces, I hope to make people take a different look at ordinary objects, usually thought to lack originality.''

Art & Manufacture Handmade Ceramic Milk Pot with Plus

Milk Pot

Art & Manufacture Handmade Ceramic Paste Bowls

Pasta Bowls

Edith takes inspiration from her own everyday life. When she’s not designing, she spends time cooking for her family and spending precious time with her two sons. “Because I cook a lot I always need an object or specific shape for a cooking dish. I love it best when the table is filled with bowls and various plates and guests can choose what they want.”

Art & Manufacture Handmade Ceramic Pie Plate

Pie Plate

Art & Manufacture Handmade Ceramic Serving Plate

Serving Plates

Edith’s signature, bright cobalt blue prints on cream ceramic, calls to mind the dishes that her Quebecois ancestors used a hundred years ago. “I try to make comforting and familiar objects that make you want to eat — with appetite — the recipes of our grandmothers." Well you got that part pretty dawn right my friend. Edith shows us that the practical can be beautiful. 



Art & Manufacture Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cups


Have a look at our kitchen section to find more pieces from Art & Manufacture. I doubt that you will be able to restrain yourself from getting a piece. 



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