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Hygge - Your No1 Trend For This Spring Home Decor

22 Mar, 2017

Hygge - Your No1 Trend For This Spring Home Decor

You may have heard of it or not so for those who may not be familiar with the movement here's the meaning of HYGGE. The Danish word, pronounced "hoo-ga", is usually translated into English as "cosiness". It's basically the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures such as friends, family, graciousness, contentment, good feelings. It's all about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. 

Here are my top five styling tips (inspired by House Beautiful UK) to achieve the Scandinavian look at home. 

  1. Make sure your home is warm and comfy 
  2. You home is not like a page of magazine - Sure you can get inspired my them but make sure you create a decor that suits you
  3. Choose lamps for its purpose and not only its design (see this)
  4. Less is (Much) more - One of my favorite of course
  5. Surround yourself with few well-chosen pieces - My #1 favorite that is completely in line with my vision and mission with La Fabrique Deco (shop here)

And how all these translate into your home decor...

The Estate Trentham Living Room Hygge Style

The Estate Trentham  Bedroom Hygge Style

Source: The Estate Trentham

Living Room Hygge Style

Source: Real Simple

Bedroom Hygge Style

Source: Homes Nine

House of Valentina Hygge Style Office Space

Source: House of Valentina

A Joyful Journey Hygge Dining Room

Source: A Joyful Journey

Les Petits Bonheurs Kids Hygge

Source: J'aurais pu m'appeler Marcel

Sf Girl By Bay Kids Hygge

Source: SF Girl By Bay

Last by not least to get inspired...

Nordic Design Kitchen Hygge

Source: Nordic Design 

For more Hygge Inspiration visit my Pinterest boards and follow me on Instagram :) 

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