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Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas - Prints

23 Jun, 2016

Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas - Prints

Maybe you are moving out of your beloved rental and start a new adventure as home owner or you simply need to update your decor and find fun ways to revamp and give a breath of fresh air to your walls? 

My best tip is to put some prints on your wall. Try different sizes and frames to set up your own art gallery and make a big WOW effect. Or, choose a big size print and make a statement in your entryway. 

I thought I would share my favorite prints (from my shop) and other prints I really love as well (and maybe I will carry these as well pretty soon :) so you get lots of options to impress your walls and to redecorate on a budget your favorite room or your new place. 

First what inspires me to use prints on my wall... Home Decor Inspirations

Image via Entrance

The Poster Club Living Room Inspiration

Image via The Poster Club

The Design Chaser Living Room prints inspiration

Image via The Design Chaser

Gravity Home Print Inspiration

Image via Gravity Home print inspiration

Image via

 And then my top choices from La Fabrique Deco...

Baltic Club Moon Print

Baltic Club Moon Print + Hanging Frame by 2nd Shift Studio

Toffie Affichiste Print trio

Print Trio by Toffie Affichiste

There is No Crying Print Exclusive La Fabrique Deco

Exclusive FD Print There Is No Crying In Rock n' Roll

Take Off Print by Lilesadi

 Take Off Print by Lilesadi

Mid Century Style Poster by Toffie Affichiste

Mid Century Style Poster by Toffie Affichiste

I wanted to also share with you prints that I do not carry (yet) but that I love very much. Let me know what you think and maybe they will be available sooner. 

The Printable Studio Prints

Image from The Printable Studio

Alphonnsine Art Print

Image from Alphonnsine

Pineapple Print by The Lovely Print

Image from The Lovely Drawer

Studio Joop Plant Print

Image from Studio Joop

If you need ideas on how to hang your prints or photos read this post.

I hope you found at least on coup de coeur!

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