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Minimalist Kids Furniture by Kutikai

04 Mar, 2016

Minimalist Kids Furniture by Kutikai

Today I thought I would blow your mind with a kid’s furniture brand I have just discovered. The name is Kutikai, it’s made in Poland and it’s AMAZING! Both owners agree to say that it’s a brand they put their heart in. I like when they say that “New ideas come to us unexpectedly - while playing with our children or during mum's full-time day-to-day activities.” I fell in love instantly with all Kutikai products and with their mantra: Inspired by children's creativity and desire to explore the world.

The purpose of this post is to inspire you when designing your next nursery or kid’s room. As I am going to be doing just that in a few months for Simone, I thought I would start the process now and indulge myself by looking at these highly inspirational products. Maybe I can ask my super talented husband to get inspired too ;) I am sure you will agree that Kutikai furniture is simple, eco-friendly and made to perfection. What I really like about this brand is the fact that the furniture has a timeless design suited for kids but also for other rooms in the house. When you decide to invest that kind of money in a furniture piece you want it to last more than 2-3 years. I also added a few of our curated products along the way to show you how you can mimic such a décor (with items you can easily find on our website).

If we are talking furniture Kutikai is offering two collections, The Roof and The Peekaboo collections. The Roof Collection is described as follow: pure, natural material and creative form. You will agree with them when they say that “this range of furniture combines functionality with a twist of surprise”. For The Peekaboo Collection the little hole is the distinctive element as well as the collection signature. I particularly love the bed and the desk+chairs. It’s timeless design at its best. Unfortunately Kutikai doesn’t have any retailers in Canada and USA. For any questions you may have you can contact them on their contact page and they will answer you super quick.

Kutikai The Roof Collection kids table

Print hanger frame |Sloth paper garland |Apricot round cushion |Maple wood table lamp | Wall hanging | Poster LileSadi

Kutikai The Roof Collection toddler bed

Polar bear print |Shibori cushion |Picture holder |Table lamp |Moon print |Fox cushion

And a few more pictures to inspire you...

Kutikai Kids Furniture The Roof Collection dresser

Kutikai Kids Furniture The Peekaboo Collection toddler bad and dresser

Kutikai Kids Furniture The Roof Collection toddler bad and dresser

Kutikai Kids Accessories mat and sleeping bag

I hope you like what you see and are inspired to create spaces with timeless design. It’s the way to go!


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