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2016 Trending Materials

24 Feb, 2016

2016 Trending Materials

I thought about a lot of different subjects for this 2nd post. Why not giving you a few hints on whats trendy in terms of material for this coming year. As a bonus, I love all of them so its kind of an easy task! Heres my top five:

#1 Leather: It could either be just a little detail on a mirror or a shelf or a complete piece such as a cushion. I prefer either distress leather or light tone leather. It brings warmth and softness to a spare space.

#2 Marble: It’s not only to be used as a countertop. You can find many ways to add a little bit of marble to your décor. Think of something like photo holders, coasters or even a clock. Marble will stay up to date over time. You could also think of a print or a printed cushion with a marble motif (see our photo holder, prints and cushion from Studio LileSadi).

living room marble grey macrame and leather tending materials

Source: Living room picture from CB2, cushion, macrame lighting (soon available in the shop), marble print, wall hanging, leather cushion, planter


#3 Brass: Brass is my current favorite especially when used for wall hangings. Maybe because we use it in most of our lighting projects but also because I love the beautiful patina it gets over time. I really like smaller deco object all in brass such as wall hook or even just a little glimpse such as a brass zipper on a linen pillow cushion.

kitchen wood clay ceramic macrame and brass tending materials

Source: Kitchen from Coco Lapine Design, cups, pendant lighting, plates and bowl, brass hook, leather straps, macrame wall hanging, brass bottle opener, ceramic plate.


#4 Macramé: It’s coming back and its coming back BIG. My current favorite is our upcoming collaboration with Windy Chien. Stay tuned for more details coming soon. Think of modern macramé at its best and you will discover a whole new world. My second favorite is wall hanging using macramé in its most simple way plain beige. Last but not least, macramé used as a plant hanger.

living room leather marble print


Source: Living room from Lonny Mag, hanging platers, leather banner, marble print, cushions, marble clock, brass hook.


#5 Clay pottery: Even if my favorite ceramist of all time is my friend from Art & Manufacture (also soon available in the shop), I really like the cozy look of the natural clay or stoneware. It reminds me of my grandmother and the ton of cups she had when I was little. Maybe it explains why I am head over feet for coffee cups, who knows. I like the way todays ceramists give them a more modern and minimal twist.

Hope you find a little something in this year trendy materials options to spice up your interior.


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Yash Impex India

June 17, 2016

Marble is another trending material for decorating your home. Today marble is using in different decorating items such as photo holder, coasters and a clock. This blog also shares valuable information about marble and many other trending materials.

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