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Ready or Not La Fabrique Deco is now live

06 Jan, 2016

Ready or Not we go live

La Fabrique is now live

In English first but don't worry, French is coming soon.

I know it's been a while since you've heard me talking about this crazy project of mine. Trying to be both an independent maker and a curator of handmade home goods? Yeah that's me and my new online shop called La Fabrique Deco.

I am now ready (or not but if I wait to be ready for the perfect online boutique then I am never going to go live) for the big day where I invite you to join me in this crazy journey and discover what we have created and curated for you. 

Discover our lighting section full of our own creations (my husband and I). Wood, brass and ceramic are the main materials we use. We love how they complement each other in a simple and minimal way. We are also very proud to be collaborating with Art & Manufacture. It is such a pleasure to work with my friend Edith in designing unique lighting fixtures to please all your lighting needs. Stay tuned as a lot of new items are going to be added throughout the year.  

I also invite you to browse through all the amazing home accessories I have curated for you from local and international makers. What really matters to me is the handmade part of the making process. Discovering high-quality handmade home goods should not be a challenge. I carefully curated a selection of handmade home goods all expressing simple, minimal and Scandinavian inspired way of of living. 

We hope to help you find these pieces you've been looking for, or introduce you to something new to love. 



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