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IKEA New Collaborations HAY + Tom Dixon

08 Jun, 2016

IKEA New Collaborations HAY + Tom Dixon

What a big announcement today for Ikea, Hay and Dixon's fans around the world. Ikea will collaborate with two iconic brand, Hay and Tom Dixon for two new collections to be released in 2017. We don't know much about it but we know that the two collaborations are part of the furniture giant's far-reaching vision to address the future of Scandinavian design and the ways in which adaptable furniture and living spaces can meet evolving, distinctly modern needs. We can't wait to see this happening really.

Ikea Frakta bag revamp by HAY

Ikea Hay bench collaboration

 HAY x IKEA products will embody a classic Scandinavian feel featuring light colors, high quality and clean lines. The minimalist collection will include a revamp of the iconic Frakta shopping tote, a green chair, a sleek wooden table, bench, and desk lamp. 

Ikea Hay collaboration chair

''The way we work with accessories in the collection is to connect and combine colors for a fresh modern look. for the accessories we work with at IKEA, we have explored many different materials including, aluminum, metallic, terracotta, textiles, plastic and wood to create a diverse range with different uses that we are excited for,'' says Mette Hay, co-founder of HAY. ''I think the time we are living in is so much about sharing experiences, the future is so much about collaborations. I feel that it is about doing the right collaborations, where both parties are bringing something to the table, and with IKEA and HAY I really felt that we both brought a lot to the table, and we did this together'', she continues.

Ikea Hay collaboration table

On the other hand, the partnership between IKEA and Tom Dixon will look to challenge traditional solutions for comfort in the home. We don't know much yet about it but it will include an aluminum-framed sofa that Dixon hopes will supplant the popular Klippan couch

Ikea Hay collaboration lighting

I know you can't wait to see this happening for real.


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