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Scandinavian Inspired Décor Trend – My Kitchen Picks

16 May, 2016

Scandinavian Inspired Décor Trend – My Kitchen Picks

You probably all know by now my love for Scandinavian décor. So you won’t be surprised to read this blog post. I decided to gather the best from Pinterest and blogs on that trend that is not going to disappear any soon. My Monday Scandinavian inspiration is all about kitchen and how Scandinavian décor influences the way you organize and design your kitchen. From countertop to wall color, see how you can create your stunning Scandinavian inspired kitchen.

Wood Cabinets + Wall Color

What I like here is the wood used for the cabinets. It looks simple and natural and I like that a lot. I also like the color they used on the walls. The thing I don’t like is the fact that it doesn’t open up much into the dining area. It’s a little too isolated for me.

Designed by Garde Hvalso. Source: Nordic Design


White Tiles + Simple Lighting

I like the wood cabinets and the white tiles they used as a backsplash. I also appreciate the super simple wall sconces used to light up the counter space.

Agent Bauer for Elle Decoration


All White Look

I like the all-white look of that kitchen. You invest a lot of money into a kitchen renovation so make sure you create a timeless design.

Villa One in Copenhagen designed by EFFEKT


Marble + Pendant Lamps Trio

I like the large marble backsplash and countertop. I also appreciate when people use pendant lamps trio in their kitchen. One of our customers used three of our skittle pendant lamp over her island and she said it looks stunning.

 Stockholm home for sale on Nordic Design


Walnut + White Cabinets + Super White Granite Countertop

Of course I had to present my kitchen with its amazing walnut cabinets. I prefer knobless kitchen cabinets for a simple and cleaner look. Again, paired with a complete wall of white cabinets + appliances and a Super White granite countertop, you get a perfect balance that gives warmth to your kitchen space.

White and walnut cabinets

I like the way we mixed two types of pendant lamps. The geometric walnut pendant is from us and the five pendant lights over the island are from amazing One Forty Three.

Geometric pendant lamp kitchen cabinets

Photo by lesmursblancs. As seen on Dans La Cabine


Grey + Leather Accents

Even if I prefer knobless white and wood cabinets, I like these light grey cabinets with their leather knobs. Two trends you will want to grab if you can as grey is the décor trend that’s about to be huge and leather accents are already into several homes (shelving, knobs, plant hangers, and more).

Grey cabinets and leather knobs

Source: Planète Déco


So if you liked what you saw, don’t forget these:

  • White cabinets
  • Super simple wood cabinets (knobless)
  • White tiles backsplash
  • Marble countertop (or other material that looks just like marble such as Super White granite)
  • Light grey somewhere (cabinets, walls, decorative items)
  • Simple pendant lamps



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