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Monochrome Kids Room

29 Apr, 2016

Monochrome Kids Room

You know my love for black and white even for the kids. Below are my tips and tricks + inspirations for the perfect monochrome kids room. 

  • Start with white walls
  • Layer lots of grey, different tones not just one hue. It will give depth to the decor
  • Vary textures in cushions, curtains, rug, it will soften the hardness of a monochrome room
  • Make sure the lighting is soft and warm (not bright blue if you see what I mean)
  • Use accent of colors to reflect your kid's personality

Mommo Design Monochrome Kids room

Mommo Design

Bunk Bed in a Monochrome kids room

Child Mags Blog monochrome kids room


Hallak Kitchens monochrome kids room

Hallak Kitchens

Petit and Small monochrome kids room

Petit and Small

Here is my favorite picks for the best monochrome look.

Cloud monochrome print and cushion

Cloud Mobile - The Butter Flying | Print Take Off | Pleated Pendant Lamp | Rainy Days cushion | Ikea Stuva | Sloth Garland | Apricot Cushion | Octopus plush - Flavie Loup.

lamp_quilt_meow_cloud_scarlet_taxidermy_neting doll

Tripo Table Lamp | Modern Baby Quilt - Not Sew Strange | Meow Print | Cloud plush pillow - Not Sew Strange | Scarlet Doll - Not Sew Strange | Faux Taxidermy - Atelier Caroline | Wee Gallery Nesting Dolls - Billie and Axel.

teepee_moon print_truck_fox cushion_garland_fox print

Teepee - Roma Skye | Moon Print | Pick-up truck - Des Enfantillages | Jumping Fox Cushion | Bunting - Kiou Kiout | Foxes Print.






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