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10 Best Kid's Rooms

25 Apr, 2016

10 Best Kid's Rooms

It’s just the beginning…you are going to hear lots more from my passion for kid's room decor in the following weeks. My two-year-old is about to be out of her crib and in to her handmade by daddy toddler bed. We are still figuring out which design we are going to do but I promise it's coming soon. She shares new (and very often quite strong) opinions every day and she talks and talks...a lot. I love her independent spirit, and as much as I want to fight it, this little Simone is living her terrible two full time. I have started to think about transitioning her nursery to an official “big girl room.” Weekend is coming so I thought what a perfect timing to share with you my favorite and most inspiring kid's room designs. For more room ideas visit my Pinterest boards

kids room gray and white room

Grey Room from Blogg Skonahem

 Black accent wall from My Paradissi

Black accent wall from My Paradissi

All white kid room from Petit and Small

All white from Petit and Small

Black and Neon from Littlegatherer

Black and Neon by Little Gatherer

House bed inspiration

House bed from Mommodesign

Black starts wall stickers

Black stars by The Boo and the Boy

Black and white half wall

Black and White half wall

Solebich kids room

Blue and Black dots from Solebich

Kids room with blue-green wall from Boligcious

Blue-green wal by Boligcious

New Zealand Design blog black wall and white house bed

New Zealand Design Blog



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