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Top 5 ideas to hang (or not) your favorite prints or photos

14 Apr, 2016

Top 5 ideas to hang (or not) your favorite prints or photos

Decorating your space involves or course adorning walls with art, prints, and treasured photos. It's a great way to insert your personality into your decor and really make the space feel like home. However, framing might be a quite expensive option. Luckily, there are many other ways to display art, prints and photos in budget-friendly, beautiful ways. 

Hanging Frame

As you may know, we just added 2nd Shift Studio to our maker’s list. We are so happy to carry their amazing print hanging frames and very proud to be the only Canadian shop offering the brand. This being said it gives me the idea to share with you my top 5 ideas to hang (or not) your favorite prints or photos on the wall.

On top of my list is of course 2nd Shift Studio print hanging frame made of oak and brass. I am in love with its sleek and minimalist look. Any prints will look amazing paired with this perfectly crafted piece.

2nd Shift Studio Medium Hanging Frame

Picture by Catherine Castonguay

2nd Shift Studio Medium Hanging Frame with Baltic Club print

2nd Shift Studio Hanging frames 3 sizes

Another option from local maker Baltic Club. They offer two wood options in 2 sizes. I have not seen them but I am sure it’s well made.

Washi Tape

I also like to use washi tape to hang my prints and photos as it is fast and easy (and inexpensive). Plus, if you choose the perfect washi tape it’s gonna look great on your wall. Here’s a few examples that demonstrate just that.

Washi tape frame from burlapandblue blog


Yellow washi tape to hang pictures

Eva Black Design

Hang prints with washi tape bedroom on a budget from Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

No Hanging Required (on shelves)

If you have a shelf that needs a little company simply lean some frames against the wall in a layered arrangement. It always look good and you don’t need to say all those crazy word while trying to hang a frame at the right spot on the wall. Use different frame sizes and colors it’s always nicer. Black and white is of course my favorites.

Frames on shelves from Her New Tribe blog

Her New Tribe

Park and Oak frames on mantel inspiration

Park and Oak

Clothes hanger

Any size any style can be used here. Spray paint them to get the colors ad finishes you want.

By Fryd print hanging with clothes hanger

By Fryd

Clothes hanger for prints from Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Planete Deco inspiration to hang prints


Paper clip and clip board

This one is super-duper easy and real cheap unless you find gold plated paper clip. Below are a few ways to hang pictures with paper clips and clip boards. Again, a quick DIY can transform a plain clip or board (spray paint ;) into a stunning piece. Baltic Club has some great ones right here.

Black clip board by Boho Deco Chic

Boho Deco Chic

Clip board from Apartment Therapy

 Apartment Therapy

Paper clip to hang pictures from The Design Chaser

The Design Chaser

Paper clip to hang posters from A Merry Mishap blog

A Merry Mishap Blog

Paper clip to hang print from Junkaholic


I hope I inspired you to hang your souvenirs on the wall in ways you never thought before. If you do, tag your projects on Instagram with #FDSTYLE


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